For a lot of people, software development is a job, with potential to travel overseas, make decent money, etc. For some of us however, software development is not just a job - it is a passion. Just like a sculptor takes great pride in using his tools to create a masterpiece, we have great pride in using our brains to create great software.

At Teligenz, we believe that it is important to nurture the passion in a developer. If that is done properly, everything else falls in place easily. To acheive this, we have multiple simultaneous projects, on various platforms. All our developers rotate through these projects, so they never feel bored or bogged down in one domain.

We encourage and actively support our developers to work on areas outside of their main line of work. We want developers to take on hobby projects that will fuel their passion for software. Whether it is developing computer games, writing iPhone/Facebook apps, etc., we provide the inspiration, the ideas, as well as the resources to ensure our people get to do the things they really want to dabble in. Our philosophy is that these hobby projects actually help in motivating employees, and help them learn useful skill sets.